Ave Maria
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Kalendarium: Kyndelsmässodagen eller jungfru Marie kyrkogångsdag, Jungfru Marie bebådelsedag

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With his choral editions, the composer and church musician Klaus Heizmann turns to the church music practice and deliberately addresses both professional and amateur choirs. His editions contain thematic compilations of works arranged according to important events of the ecclesiastical year. The new collection 'Ave Maria' contains 33 works from five centuries which deal with the theme of the Virgin Mary, mainly on the basis of the classical text of the Latin 'Ave Maria', but also on the basis of various German Marian prayers. They are arranged in chronological order, covering the range between Renaissance and the modern age and thus enabling varied programme planning with stylistic comparisons.


- N. Gombert: Ave Maria
- J. Arcadelt: Ave Maria
- T.L. de Victoria: Ave Maria
- J. Mangon: Ave Maria
- G.G. Goreczycki: Ave Maria
- A. Rosengart: Ave Maria
- E.T.A. Hoffmann: Ave maris stella
- E.T.A. Hoffmann: Salve Regina
- S. Sechter: Ave Maria
- F. Schubert: Deutsches Salve Regina
- F. Schubert: Salve Regina
- F. Liszt: Ave Maria
- G. Verdi: Ave Maria
- P.J. Zwyssig: Ave Maria
- C. Gounod: Ave Maria
- A. Bruckner: Ave Maria
- J. Brahms: Der englische Gruß
- E. Grieg: Ave maris stella
- K. May: Ave Maria
- E. Elgar: Angelus "Ave, Mary"
- I. Strawinsky: Ave Maria
- C. Orff: Ave Maria
- H. Schroeder: Ave Maria
- R. van Husen: Ave Maria
- H. Genzmer: Ave Maria
- J. Jourdan: Mitten in unsrer Nacht blüht eine Blume
- K. Fischbach: Ave Maria
- R. Schweizer: Ave Maria
- K. Heizmann: Lasst uns den Weg Marias gehen
- K. Heizmann: Meine Seele erhebt den Herrn
- R.J. Sigmund: Ave Maria
- H. Schanderl: Ave Maria
- M. Sorg-Rose: Ave Maria
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