Symphonie "Mathis der Maler"

520,00 kr
Sättning Orgel
Kompositör Hindemith Paul
Arrangör Breuer Heribert

Övrig information
Version for Organ by Heribert Breuer

The opulent music of this masterpiece by Paul Hindemith is perfectly suitable for an organ version. Although the organ is one of the few instruments never played by Hindemith, the three sonatas and two organ concertos created by the composer are important pieces for the organ.
The transcription of the symphony 'Mathis der Maler' by Heribert Breuer is an effective challenge for ambitious organ players which gives the performer the opportunity to show his skills and make full use of the tonal qualities of his instrument.


- 1. Engelkonzert
- 2. Grablegung
- 3. Versuchung des heiligen Antonius