A Purcell Organ Album

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Kompositör Purcell Henry
Arrangör Setchell Martin

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Trumpet Tunes
Symphony to Act V, from The Fairy Queen
Trumpet Air, from The Indian Queen
Trumpet Tune: Act V Consort, from King Arthur
Trumpet Tune, from Dioclesian
Trumpet Tune
Trumpet Tune, called the Cibell
Trumpet Tune: Warlike Consort, from King Arthur
Trumpet Tune, from The Indian Queen
Airs and Dances
Symphony and Chorus, from Come ye Sons of Art
If love's a sweet passion, from The Fairy Queen
How blest are shepherds, from King Arthur
Shepherd, shepherd leave decoying, from King Arthur
Fairest Isle, from King Arthur
When I am laid in earth, from Dido and Aeneas
Air, from King Arthur
Here's the summer, sprightly, gay, from The Fairy Queen
Hornpipe, from Amphitryon
Bourrée, from Amphitryon
Third Act Tune: Rondeau, from Abdelazar
Minuett, from The Double Dealer
Aire: Second Music, from Bonduca
Round thy coast, from King Arthur
Second Act Tune: Air, from The Fairy Queen
First Act Tune: Jig, from The Fairy Queen
Dance for the Fairies, from The Fairy Queen
Rondeau, from The Fairy Queen
Chaconne: Dance for Chinese Man and Woman, from The Fairy Queen