Breath of Song

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Kategori Blandad kör
Sättning SATB
Redaktör Quartel Sarah

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Breath of Song brings together ten exquisite works by contemporary women composers. Compiled and edited by Sarah Quartel, the collection features an eclectic mix of styles and colours, specially selected with modern concert programming in mind — from settings of hymn-like simplicity and a rich choral sound to works featuring theatrical body percussion and a fresh close-harmony style. Secular and sacred texts from across the centuries are given fresh life, and new words and sounds are introduced to the repertoire, including the onomatopoeic echoes of Hindustani classical instruments in Esmail's 'TaReKiTa' and the whistling of the wind and birds in Hawley's 'The Arrow and the Song'. Scored for unaccompanied mixed voices, this collection of ten compelling works is fresh, dynamic, and exciting — a long-awaited celebration of some of today's most inspirational voices in choral composition.

Love Letter, Sarah Dacey
O ye who taste that Love is sweet, Eleanor Daley
TaReKiTa, Reena Esmail
The Arrow and the Song, Laura Hawley
God be with us, Cecilia McDowall
My beloved spake, Becky McGlade
Snow is Silent, Jenny Mahler
The Birds' Lullaby, Sarah Quartel
Round me falls the night, Annabel Rooney
Wake, Love, Wake!, Joan Szymko