Film Themes For Solo Piano

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Play your favourite pieces from 50 major movies with Film Themes For Solo Piano. Featuring fanstastic music from cinema classics such as Pride and Prejudice, Miss Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia, King Kong and many more, this album is guaranteed to keep any movie music lover entertained.


A Fateful Meeting (King Kong) [Newton Howard, James]

Anne Frank (Freedom Writers) [Isham, Mark]

Beatrix & Norman (Miss Potter) [Westlake, Nigel]

Becoming a Geisha (Memoirs Of A Geisha) [Williams, John]

Ben Takes The Stage/Dan's Burden (3.10 To Yuma) [Beltrami, Marco]

Bible Study (3.10 To Yuma) [Beltrami, Marco]

Bored With Widowhood (Mrs. Henderson Presents) [Fenton, George]

Brokeback Mountain 1 (Brokeback Mountain) [Santaolalla, Gustavo]

Central Park (King Kong) [Newton Howard, James]

Charlie Wilson (Charlie Wilson's War) [Howard, James Newton]

Cinderella Man (Cinderella Man) [Newman, Thomas]

Dawn (Pride And Prejudice) [Marianelli, Dario]

Deportation/Iguazu (Babel) [Santoalalla, Gustavo]

Dinner Waltz (Lust, Caution) [Desplat, Alexandre]

Distilling Roses (Perfume) [Tykwer, Tom] [Klimek, Johnny] [Heil, Reinhold]

Down Over Lake Victoria (The Last King Of Scotland) [Heffes, Alex]

Elizabeth & Tony (The Queen) [Desplat, Alexandre]

End Credits (Munich) [Williams, John]

End Titles (Infamous) [Portman, Rachel]

Epilogue (Stardust) [Eshkeri, Ilan]

Ethereal Piano Code (World Trade Center) [Armstrong, Craig]

Evan And God (Evan Almighty) [Debney, John]

Eva's Theme (Freedom Writers) [Isham, Mark]

Explosion (Closing The Ring) [Danna, Jeff]

Frank Lucas (American Gangster) [Streitenfeld, Marc]

Friend Truman (Infamous) [Portman, Rachel]

Funeral (The Constant Gardener) [Iglesias, Alberto]

Georgiana (Pride And Prejudice) [Marianelli, Dario]

Hatikvah (Munich) [Williams, John]

I Ain't Got Nobody (Be Kind Rewind) [Williams, Spencer]

I Knew Her (Notes On A Scandal) [Glass, Philip]

In The Time Of Cholera (Love In The Time Of Cholera) [Pinto, Antonio]

JB's Blues (I Love Huckabees) [Brion, Jon]

Justin's Breakdown (The Constant Gardener) [Iglesias, Alberto]

Katie's Theme (1408) [Yared, Gabriel]

Kothbiro (The Constant Gardener) [Iglesias, Alberto]

Las Vecinas (Volver) [Iglesias, Alberto]

Laura's Murder (Perfume) [Tykwer, Tom] [Klimek, Johnny] [Heil, Reinhold]

Long, Long Time Ago (Pan's Labyrinth) [Navarette, Javier]

Love Theme (Elizabeth: The Golden Age) [Armstrong, Craig]

Love Theme (River Queen) [Jenkins, Karl]

Lucy Meets Mr. Tumnus (The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe) [Gregson-Williams, Harry]

Maetro (The Holiday) [Zimmer, Hans]

Main Title (Charlotte's Web) [Elfman, Danny]

Meeting Laura (Perfume) [Tykwer, Tom] [Klimek, Johnny] [Heil, Reinhold]

Monda (End Credits (I Love Huckabees) [Brion, Jon]

Omni (I Love Huckabees) [Brion, Jon]

Opening Titles (The Other Boleyn Girl) [Cantelon, Paul]

Opus 17 (Marie Antoinette) [O'Halloran, Dustin]

Opus 23 (Marie Antoinette) [O'Halloran, Dustin]

Opus 36 (Marie Antoinette) [O'Halloran, Dustin]

Overture (Mrs. Henderson Presents) [Fenton, George]

Pajaros (My Blueberry Nights) [Santaolalla, Gustavo]

People's Princess I (The Queen) [Desplat, Alexandre]

Perfume - Distilled (Perfume) [Tykwer, Tom] [Klimek, Johnny] [Heil, Reinhold]

Persuading Tommy (Mrs. Henderson Presents) [Fenton, George]

Piano Theme (World Trade Center) [Armstrong, Craig]

Platoon Swims (Flags Of Our Fathers) [Eastwood, Clint]

Prologue (Perfume) [Tykwer, Tom] [Klimek, Johnny] [Heil, Reinhold]

Proof (Proof) [Warbeck, Stephen]

Queen Katherine's Trial (The Other Boleyn Girl) [Cantelon, Paul]

Rachel's Theme (Black Book) [Dudley, Anne]

Safe Place (Infamous) [Portman, Rachel]

Sarah's Theme (River Queen) [Jenkins, Karl]

Shooting Star (Stardust) [Eshkeri, Ilan]

Snowdrop (Stardust) [Eshkeri, Ilan]

Stephane Visite Appart' (The Science Of Sleep) [Bernard, Jean-Michel]

Stephanie Blues (The Science Of Sleep) [Bernard, Jean-Michel]

Stephanie Quitte Le Cafe (The Science Of Sleep) [Bernard, Jean-Michel]

Stepping Stones (River Queen) [Jenkins, Karl]

Streets Of Paris (Perfume) [Tykwer, Tom] [Klimek, Johnny] [Heil, Reinhold]

The 3.10 To Yuma (3.10 To Yuma) [Beltrami, Marco]

The Chairman's Waltz (Memoirs Of A Geisha) [Williams, John]

The Devil Wears Prada [Shapiro, Theodore]

The Endless River (Black Book) [Dudley, Anne]

The Funeral (Pan's Labyrinth) [Navarette, Javier]

The Harts (Notes On A Scandal) [Glass, Philip]

The Inside Out (Cinderella Man) [Newman, Thomas]

The Introduction (Charlotte's Web) [Elfman, Danny]

The Lakes (Miss Potter) [Westlake, Nigel]

The Park On Piano (Finding Neverland) [Kaczmarek, Jan]

The Plan Begins (Charlotte's Web) [Elfman, Danny]

The Pony Boy (The Science Of Sleep) [Bernard, Jean-Michel]

The Road To The Workhouse (Oliver Twist) [Portman, Rachel]

The Winner Is (LIttle Miss Sunshine) [Danna, Mychael]

Theme (Atonement) [Marianelli, Dario]

Theme (Eastern Promises) [Shore, Howard]

Theme (Evening) [Kaczmarek, Jan A. P.]

Theme (Ratatouille) [Giacchino, Michael]

Theme Generique Fin Golden (The Science Of Sleep) [Bernard, Jean-Michel]

Together We Will Live Forever (The Fountain) [Mansell, Clint]

Week-End De Ski (The Science Of Sleep) [Bernard, Jean-Michel]

Where Is Mr. Barrie? (Finding Neverland) [Kaczmarek, Jan]

Will And Amira (Breaking And Entering) [Yared, Gabriel] [Underworld]

Wong Chia Chi's Theme (Lust, Caution) [Desplat, Alexandre]

Youth Without Youth (Youth Without Youth) [Castro, Arturo] [Golijov, Osvaldo]